This illustration of the Vespa genus (hornets)  by D. F. Sotzmann was made for Johan Herbst's Kurze Einleitung zur Kenntniss der Insekten für Ungeubte und Anfänger.


Born in Petershagen bei Minden, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Herbst (1743-1807) was best known for joining Carl Gustav Jablonsky in the Sisyphean effort to produce a comprehensive survey of the Order Coleoptera (beetles), an enormous task that resulted in the massive, but still incomplete Naturgeschichte der in-und ausländischen Insekten, 10 vols. (1785-1806).

An energetic and prolific author of essential works in entomology, his smaller Kurze Einleitung (a mere three volumes) attempts to survey the major taxa of what is now considered the phyllum arthropoda, including insects, spiders, crabs, and scorpions.


All of our reproductions are done on hand-processed paper, illuminated with gold paint and finished with beeswax, giving them a real parchment-like look. Actual colors may vary a bit due to different monitors displaying colors differently.

Vespae (Hornets), D. F. Sotzmann, 1784.


    In case your print creases during the travel, as it usually does travel for some time, you can safely warm it up with a hair-dryer, and the wax will melt back right into it. You can also use a lighter, which is a much faster method, but be careful to keep the flame either above the paper or parallel to it (which means holding the paper vertically) so it doesn't smudge or even catch fire. The chance of the print actually creasing is very small, as they are rolled in bubble-wrap and shipped in a cardboard box. Also, be sure to keep the print out of the direct sunlight, as it can melt or fade.


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